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We are frequently asked how this small ecosystem can survive in an airtight space without outside influences? Do you really have to do nothing, neither water nor fertilize? How does this little world work under glass?


Of course, each of our small ecosystems is unique. Depending on the plants, substrate, location or size of the glass, you may not have to give additional water for months or even years.


You can recognize a lack of water by the fact that there is no more condensation on the glass or the moss looks dry.


If you need to water, it's best to use rainwater or decalcified drinking water, as lime increases the pH value of the soil, making it alkaline. Most of our plants prefer a slightly acidic soil and since lime also settles on the leaves and can suffocate them. Mineral water also does it, of course without carbon dioxide.


Depending on the size of the ecosystem, we recommend a few bursts from a commercially available spray bottle.


Further care instructions .

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