Green life inside!


The Micro Garden is a small fascinating world of autonomous nature. For decorating the living and working area, in the catering trade or in shops.
The incomparable beauty of this ecosystem is based on the combination of organic and vegetable elements.


In my gallery you will find different variations from original, natural implementations to artistic combinations. Let yourself be inspired and do not hesitate to contact me for personal advice for your own little unique piece.








Founded in Zurich in 2019, out of pure passion for plants and small ecosystems.

In my “Micro Garden Lab” I focused on my passion for nature and would like to pass on the joy of these small worlds in a jar.


Experimenting with different types of plants, mosses and animal species leads to unique microcosms whose presence have an almost meditative effect.

The compositions of organic and inorganic are constantly changing and take the viewer into another world that invites you to linger.


" Dive in, let go and follow the cycle of nature in your own microcosm with fascination and enthusiasm ! "


The Wolf

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